Dinghy 12p

Tecnical characteristic:

Lenght: 3.66 m

Width : 1.42 m

Sail:  9,3 mq

Weight:  112kg   DI STAZZA

Engines :  max 6 hp  fuoribordo

VelocitÓ/Speed: 4 nodi con 4 hp fuoribordo, 3 persone a bordo

Passengers  : 3



In mahogany oak and teak timber, the external keel is covered in fiberglass soaked in epoxy Csytem, eliminating any maintenance to the wooden planking


Standard Equipment: 

Two oars and two rowlocks, stainless steel movable drop keel , boom and peak mast, lateen sail, ironware in chrome brass and stainless steel, anti-alga



  • Boat cover with hooks and eyes.

  • Launching cradle.

  • Engine support.

  • Tonnage certificate.

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