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On Montisola, the biggest island of all European lakes, there have certainly always been able artisans capable of making from the existing timber (chestnut, larch, acacia, pine) boats for navigation, for work or for recreation.

The market estimate in 1750 shows the existence of various nautical builders with a discrete annual income and known by the name ARCHETTI, the same artisans that now continue this tradition at Peschiera Maraglio.

Boats play an important role in the history of the Archetti family from Peschiera Maraglio (town on Montisola). They have not only been a job for the family but also a form of transport on the lake.

Today in the Cantiere Nautico Montisola, Ugo, Angelo and Adriano Archetti with great manual skill and using precious timber, build lance, dinghies, light sailing boats such as the famous Dingotto, solid boats up to 10 metres, engine cruisers and sailing boats; moreover old wooden boats are restored to their original grandeur.

All the boats produced in the Cantiere Nautico Montisola are handmade, with klinker or smooth planking, putting together traditional techniques of building with the most advanced system of gluing and protection in fiberglass epoxy Csystem and Westsystem.

On boats where smooth planking is used, first the skeleton is made then the planks. In the klinker the support comes from a series of saddles which guide the keel and then are removed to install the flexible frame.

The Archetti family have continued a tradition of hundreds of years of faithful use of timber. The precious timber used all with at least two years of seasoning is mahogany, teak and iroko for planking, oak and acacia for the rest, fir and Douglas for the masts.

The boats are painted by hand with polyurethane and epoxy of low maintenance; since 1985 epoxy has been introduced in treating the keel, on the outside and on the insides, resulting in eliminating maintenance problems



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